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I grew up, in part, in northern Alberta, Canada on a military base surrounded by forest and nature. Those were the best years of my life and for the longest time I assumed I would move back some day.

Even though I loved animals, I grew up eating them, like most people. Unfortunately. But, as I learned more about Energywork (Therapeutic Touch and Reiki) I felt a pull in another direction. I wanted to be healthier and after meditating on the subject I got the message to stop eating meat. So, I did. In 2000 I became nearly vegetarian (eating only fish).

Although, as I evolved, I slowly started hearing about veganism, what it meant and what farmed animals go through every day. I admired vegans and hoped to some day make another change. I didn't fully research veganism because, I'm sure, my spirit was self-protecting from the horrors I suspected  (and were later confirmed and more).

I believe everything happens for a reason and in 2003 I met the wonderful man I would eventually marry and have a child with. My best friend.

But there were challenges. I was nearly vegetarian and he was a hunter, fisherman and had a dairy farm background. Not only that, but because he grew up with this lifestyle, killing his first animal at the age of seven, he believed the information that he was fed. That we need to kill wild animals or disease would occur or the animals would over populate.

I was patient and introduced my views whenever I could. Agreeing to disagree and focusing on his many great qualities. I believe it is my calling to inspire and in 2014 my dream came true.. he wanted to try veganism.

As soon as the words left his lips I said, "No need to say more. I WILL be vegan." We never for an instant wanted to go back to our past lifestyle. As a matter of fact, it's always been my goal to be my best self so as I write this (Sept 19/15) I am now 42 days fully raw - and loving it!

So, I ask myself, I'm now not just vegan (for the animals) but also fully raw (for myself) what else can I improve on? I can do more.

I have an honours diploma in Animal Care, I worked at an animal hospital in the past, I have a holistic health background (my business), I have an honours diploma in Administration, I am a  Reiki Master and a have a deep love for animals. Pair that with my wonderful husband's background with wildlife, in the dairy industry, construction and a mutual love for animals and what does that tell me? We need to open our own sanctuary.

So, we are making it our goal to find a way to do it in 2016-17. Even with the challenges ahead.... no facility, no extra money and no idea how to get either. We know with everything we have faced and the love we have for animals a way will be found.

Please follow us on our journey.

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Please help fund us in getting our farm and starting our sanctuary. Every dollar counts! Donate here.Thank you,
Kim Belanger-Mills.
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*Originally written for Respect and Connect Sept 19/15, and can be found here.

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