Monday, September 19, 2016

Sanctuary and Minimalism?

I've been asked about minimalization and animals. How to feel less overwhelmed with all that comes along with our fur and feather animal family. With over 20 living beings INSIDE our home, and several outside, I have some thoughts about this.

First, let me talk about minimalism. If it wasn't for minimalization of things like friend clutter, effort made, cleaning routines and my 1 in 1+ out rule, I would surely not be able to do all I can for animals and still run a well-maintained home and family life.

So... for me, it's all about my planner. I use my daily, monthly and yearly planner to keep up with all that needs to be done (animal-wise and pretty much every other detail of my life as well).

Nail trips are scheduled 2x/mth. Ears are weekly at a minimum. Haircuts for one dog is seasonal. Cage/home cleaning is scheduled as well. You name it, I write it down. I try to space things out so everyone gets attention daily. That way I can keep on top of any issues that may arise. You wouldn't want something to get out of control when you aren't looking.

Another tip is natural-care. We use diatomaceous earth for flea prevention and also in barns for bugs and moisture prevention. Prevention is much better than the alternative.

Clutter. I keep items grouped together. Extra food bags are kept in one bin and with all the food containers, in a closet in our basement. Along with grooming items. Toys are kept to a minimum, including dog bones which are mostly very cool, cruetly-free pressed wood and some nylabones,  and all in one bin in the kitchen.

Rabbit Rescues Sept 2016

I recently found an ad on kijiji that a local hobby farmer was "getting out of the meat rabbit business", and I told my husband about it.

Normally, we would try not to 'buy' a living being because not only are we not into the slave market (as apposed to adoption) but we don't want to support people in harming yet more animals. Since this person was getting out of the business I was thinking that there was two options... either he would sell his rabbits to someone who might eat or breed them or he would eat them himself. Since he won't be getting more we jumped on it.

I left it to my husband to go pick up the two rabbits we decided we had room for, knowing full well I would take them ALL otherwise. Well, that didn't go as planned because when Chris came home, with the two we decided on, he tells me that three more are coming the following weekend. (Haha.. I was thrilled of course!!) He told me with tears in his eyes, "I looked around and couldn't leave them there". (Isnt he the greatest??)

Here are some photos over the past week of our little darlings... all females so we won't contribute to the population. Clover and Meadow came first and then their sisters Rosie, Freyja and Brigid. 
For more photos, or to follow the sanctuary 'happenings, please see our Facebook page. I also have Snapchat for those who want to see some high raw food choices, sanctuary photos etc ( witchy-Kim ).

3 more saved from the 'meat' industry!

They not only have never had so much space but never experienced shavings, only a wood floor

Never experienced the ground, dirt or grass. Until now.

"With all this excitement I really should wash my face!'
Already been with us a week here, grass is old news
My first time holding a rabbit!