Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Rescues and The Move

I was asked about our newest sanctuary steps so here it is!

After searching for a suitable home/property we have decided NOT to move. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that we would have to spend A LOT more to do better than what we currently have. And then there was the issues with farmed zoned property, mortgage, bi-laws etc.

We really DO love our home and property but felt it was just too small for our sanctuary needs. But maybe we just needed a change in plans!

I left things alone for a short while I occasionally pondered on the next steps and while looking through kijiji ads I think I found our purpose....

We are going to soon attempt to rescue some 'farmed' RABBITS! (To go along with the 21 other animals we currently give sanctuary to.)

We don't know how soon or how many, though. It totally depends on how much money we can raise. We will collect donations and start to collect needed items ASAP for rabbit supplies and the new barn (outdoor hutch) build.

What can you do?

*Donate money. It doesn't have to be big, even $10. And if you want to do more you could donate once a week for a while.
(Remember, we are not a registered charity so you won't get a receipt but we also won't use your money for accouting fees etc. ALL the money goes towards food, housing and animal care.)
You could donate via website (I dont believe it shows up on phones) or via EFT (

*Donate needed items. Check our website for what we require to run our sanctuary. (Just updated - see 'Needs' page)

*Like/share our sanctuary page on Facebook (The Grass Is Greener Farm Sanctuary) and share our FB pages (Chris D Mills & Kim Belanger-Mills for our stories). Like/share our fundraising page on FB as well. I'm hoping to auction off some items, once again, to help our cause.

We thank you!! 💚🐰🐇

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