Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Connection

As I work on the highway day after day, I see these transports hauling animals well on their way.
From east to west the rubber they lay, I think no more about it and continue my day.

It's Late February and cold as it can get, my machine has be running but not quite warm enough yet.
All bundled up and covered from head to toe , I hop up in my cab and and start plowing the snow.

Deep in thoughts of that big pay cheque I will cash, suddenly up ahead I hear a loud crash!
Not thinking to much about it, because it happens all the time,
But I hear the brakes of a truck squeal as he stops beside me on  a dime.

I have seen thousands of these transports time and time before, you know the ones with all the holes along the sides and some in the back door.

These trucks haul animals they raise on the farm, I was once was a farmer too not thinking of the  harm.

As I sit here and and think I turn my head and see, a tiny pink nose poking out at me.

My mind starts to wander as I look at that truck, I see many more pigs covered all in their own muck.
Looking all around this big shiny truck, I glanced over to the holes again and that's when it struck!

My eyes suddenly made contact with this poor little soul, she looks so afraid like her mind was lost in a black hole.

Not turning away and our eyes locked together, I think how can they survive in this minus thirty weather.
Her face is all scared and covered in frost bite, she must have been in there all yesterday and last night.

I can't help but notice a tear fall from her face, right then an there my heart started to race.

This truck will take her for slaughter and sold by the weight. What a horrible way
to lo live and so terrified of your fate.

I can't help but notice this trailer  is packed full , I hear their cries, there screams as the truck started to pull.

I can no longer bear  the connection I just made, these creatures are doomed so a farmer can get paid.

My eyes well up and my heart literally sank, as I now know their fate  will be worse the walking the plank.

They will be tortured and butchered and end up on a plate, there is no wonder why the world has so much hate.

With all the thoughts in my head my heart finally does break, I think, how can we do this to them! what changes can I make?

It wasn't a hard decision at all to make,  I right away called my wife and said I have made a huge mistake.

From that moment on my new journey would begin, for I made a promise that day .......I'm  forever VEGAN

By Chris D Mills ©

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