Saturday, December 19, 2015

Our First Rescue as a Sanctuary.

September 2015 we decided that we were opening a farm sanctuary. We had plans to sell our home in the Spring and buy a farm. I had already rescued few dogs and cats over 20 years but I wanted to do more. Once we visited our closest sanctuary (Home Free Farm) Chris was on board with my lifelong dream and we had set the intention.

Of course, where attention goes energy flows, so shortly after that intention was set we got our first chance to rescue as an intentional sanctuary. But not with farm animals, of course. Budgies!!
We accepted 9 Budgies into our home that had been neglected. Their person had Alzheimer's and was removed from her home. But, it was worse than we expected. We knew she was a breeder and sick for quite some time, but the cages were too small. One bird was in a small bunny cage and was missing all the feathers from the back of her neck.As soon as they came into our home I cleaned the cages and moved them around so that they all had more space. A week later, we had cages donated and I moved them, once again, to larger cages.

They are a delightful addition to our home. Their sounds are beautiful. They make mornings a meditation as I feed and water them. They get veggies, and sometimes also fruit, daily and lettuce is their favourite.

I wish they didn't have to be caged but we live in Canada so there is no choice here. But, there is always room for improvement. Our dream is to have an aviary, when we find our ideal farm. Where attention goes energy flows, after all. 

3 of the 9 rescued budgies


  1. I'm sending up positive vibes for your continued good works!

    1. Thank you Dana! And thank you SO much for your donation!! :-D

      Many blessings,
      Kim & Chris